Experience With GoDaddy Versus WebHostingBuzz

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I came across the site webhostingbuzz dot com which offers free domain registration provided you also give them the job of hosting your website for x number of years.

On the other hand, there is godaddy which charges for domain registration, makes you pay some cents for ICANN, and there is of course the cost of hosting the website.

In the long run, which among these two options is better? I would really appreciate inputs on this as I am confused with such diverse options being available!


They have: 9 posts

Joined: Dec 2009

Hi all,

While waiting for guidance on this question, GoDaddy has emailed me an offer of reducing their price by 20% further if I were to confirm the order for domain registration within the next 72 hours...

The money part apart, is there any difference whatsoever in domain registration + hosting with GoDaddy vis-a-vis domain registration + hosting with WebHostingBuzz? Anybody who has had experience with these two companies?

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