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I want a domain main which is related web design, because i want build my site for freelance works please suggest me good domain name..

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Domain names are subject to availability. You think of any creative domain names and check out for its availability. Try checking for an available domain name at dailyrazor. If available you can get it registered for you.

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Well, good idea dude! Actually domain selection is depend on availability. suppose you had selected a name like freelance-webdesigner[.]com, it's already taken so what you will do? so first check availability as per choose.

By the way when you are going to selection any domain make sure it should be short and your main keyword/ services should be there.'s picture

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I would suggest you to do a little keyword research and form a domain with the combination of good two-three keywords.

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I agree to Register a domain that with keywords is more worthy and you will be indexed easier. Think of a two-three-word-keyword will lead to long domain name. I suggest 1-2 words keyword, the primary keyword will do.

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I will suggest you to please choose a domain name related to your keyword, because if you will choose a domain related to your keyword, it will beneficial for you while promotion.

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Keyword research is going to be your best friend, and will help you climb up the search engines faster than you would normally anticipate. I would start by finding out what keywords you can rank high for easily, and use in a domain name that is not taken. - Shared Hosting Solutions |Free Domain |Coupon Code Twitter56
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Make a listing of the possible domain names that comes to your mind and check their availability..a variation of targeted kw would be nice, using google adwords keyword tool would help you choose good keywords.

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Would like to suggest you that instead of taking suggestion, first perform Keywords searches for your website and then asks for the best one which suits you.
Good luck.

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It depends on you what domain name you choose? But you can first check it availability and traffic on this keyword form Google adword keyword tool. And for domain name you can check it on or

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it depends what type of business you have .. if you got a good domain name related your business then this will also help you to increase the traffice to your website

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Yeah, keyword research is a good suggestion.

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It's hard to suggest especially if the more generic domain names are already live. I guess you have to plan and decide for your whole site structure then think of your major keywords. With those keywords I guess it would be easier for you to come up with a appropriate and friendly name.

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You must check with keyword tool and select the domain name according to the keywords thats helpful for promotion of your site.thanks for sharing this.

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I guess it would be easier for you to come up with a appropriate and friendly name.

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The last thing you want to do is ask users on public forums for "Good Domain" suggestions because someone is almost guaranteed to snatch that domain if it actually is a good one, and available.


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You have to choose your Domain name which is related to your Web Site.
If you want to make a Freelance site the You can choose Freelance, Many making, etc Domain name.
Thanking you.

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Make a list with domain names related to your keywords and check availability.

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Okay great Idea man, as per search engine point of view there have to shorten and easy to remember and keyword to be in domain with a dedicated server hosting more important.

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I agree,Keyword search is really important while choosing your domain name and it should be related to your website.

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check availability first and then select four or five letter domain names...if your site based on freelance means freesite, 5ree, 5reeze,try some easy names to reminding the site....

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It is really hard to choose best domain name for website. I think you have to choose domain name related to keyword that help to getting more traffic on your site. I suggest you to use web host company to getting unique and quality domain name because its provide lots good domain name so you can easily choose the best domain name for your website.

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