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Is there any WYSIWYG Editor whereby I could not only stylize a page, but save it as a new .html or .php page?

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You mean something like Dreamweaver, or an online editor that's embedded into a Web page? They're different animals, create new pages is all Dreamweaver does, whilst an online editor can only work as part of a form, generally using a database.

So the answer is that it depends what you're trying to do: embed an editor into a Web page, or just create new pages in general. Smiling

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Not that I know of - but there are programmatic ways to do this. The open source WYSIWYG editor we use for our site is TinyMCE. We've set it up to save changes to our database via an AJAX call. Ultimately, it's just send text back. You could just write a back end script that takes that, on saving from the editor, creates or overwrites a .html or .php file.

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I am new user in this field that is development. For WYSIWYG Editor I am using Dreamweaver. It is very much helpful for me as well as beginners of this field. You people provide good knowledge about WYSIWYG Editor what I really want to know.

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If you use wp pr blogger, then you get an already installed WYSIWYG Editor but if you want a custom one then you have to program it, its a small API that needs to be called in the server pages and more you need is proper database connection to store the styles.

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The good old Microsoft Frontpage can do this if you have office already installed.

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I use Dreamweaver to design and develop website. I found it easy to use and support different languages such as HTML, PHP, XML. You can stylize a page and save it as any extension that is certain, just be sure to stick with that extension.

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