SWF display problem

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I have a template and i have inserted flash into it - just simple SWFs. They display locally but when i upoad to the server they dont display. Ive checked the paths of the swfs in the HTML and have even inserted the actual path to the server before uploading ie ive used absolute rather than relative path statements to the SWF. Dreamweaver uses relative paths based on the site definition.

Anyone have an idea what else could be stopping the swfs from showing remotely? I can only assume there is some sort of script in the HTML that is preventing the SWFs showing up? Threre are script statements in the HTML and I will have to go through line by line to see.

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It could be all manner of things. A link to the site where the code is would be useful.

If the site is behind a password (password protected folder etc) then that "might" be the cause depending on your setup. It's unlikely but worth considering.

Also, are you sure you uploaded all the required files to the server? It might be that it works on your local as it has the necessary files, which are missing on the server.

Make absolutely sure the paths in the code are correct and the files they point to exist.

But without seeing the code in action, or even posted here, we are guessing a bit.

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It could also be something as simple as the host server not sending the SWF with the correct MIME type. Give us a link and we can take a look, as Greg suggests.

Cordially, David
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Hooray i managed to sort it out.

I went through the script coding and as i suspected the problem was there. The script code was correct but the path was incorrect.

This is the site i was having trouble with http://www.penishealthy.net

yes its an affiliate site and Im not trying to promote it - just wanted people to see it.

Admin please delete if you feel it shouldnt be shown.
Its really good to be here and talking to like minded people involved in web design

Thank you for your suggestions!! Smiling

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Ok, try using a different template. I understand that the job will be very very tedious, but try experimenting this way.

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Its all sorted now. very often when I have a problem i have to plough through the scripting code to find the problem. often thats the best way because just producing sites with no knowledge of scripting, php, html. css means u are limiting ureself. many times going into the code is the only way to fix things

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