Rebuilding a site. Need recommendation on screen size.

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Existing site is in 800 x 600. I need to build the new site with both larger displays (and resolutions) and smart phones in mind.

Does anyone have a recommendation of a size that will keep both kinds of visitors relatively happy?

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Look into responsive design. This is a hot new trend in web design, and it basically means coding a site to "respond" automatically to different screen sizes. To do this, you can use flexible width layouts and media queries. Images can be a bit of an issue, but if you google around you'll find a bunch of possible solutions.

Do some searching for "responsive web design" and you'll find a lot more resources.

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The standard size of screen resolution for any website/webpage is 1024x768 but don’t design a site wider than 1000 pixels because horizontal scrollbar will come on the most of the screen.

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i alway design at size width 860px because it work well for all resolution

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If you build the site with Drupal and use one of the new themes such as 'Pixture Reloaded' it does the job automatically for you!

If someone displays the website on a widescreen TV or widescreendesktop it has a default layout, but if someone views the same site on a tablet the layout adjusts accordingly including moving some of the side blocks to the bottom for example. If the same site is viewed on a phone the layout changes yet again.

The changes take place automatically, but during set-up you can chose the different layouts for the different screen sizes.

It really is the simplest option, and all automatic.

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Usually width of 950-960px works the best... The height must always be decided based upon -

a. whether you want any scrolling
b. how many elements you're going to fit in, and
c. would it look too clumpsy in 600px - and if yes, then increase it accordingly!

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