problem publishing from cs4 arrrgghh help!!!

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Please could someone give me some advise?

i have recently bought dreamweaver cs4 and i've done a college course on how to use it (which didn't really help) and im having troubles when i publish my site.

basicaly when i view my site on dreamweaver it all looks and works great, but after i've published it i view it on internet explorer and it isn't how it should be. Firstly, it looks like my css styles sheet is being ignored, as my heading is in size 12 ariel font when it should be size 50 batang ( have i used a non websafe font?) Also i have a spry drop down horizontal menu which doesnt appear on internet explorer, there are no boxes at all and all my links which should be in the drop down menus and submenus are just in a list down the left hand side of the page?? very strange. excuse me if im being stupid its the first site which i've published and its driving me mad!!! thanks in advance for any help


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Joined: Jun 2009 i know its a rubbish site at the mo but like i say im new to all this!! really cant figure out why the spry drop down menu doesnt work, i've put the spry menu assets folder in the public_html with the rest of the pages

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