need some tips

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Hi how you doing?
well, I'm helping my friend to redesign his site and we need ideas..

while surfing the net I came upon this site about Luxury Cornwall Cottages

should I take some ideas from the site?


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I just added a rel=nofollow to that link. You know, just in case you were spamming and not actually looking for an opinion Wink

On a quick glance I don't see anything about that site that would give you better ideas. Is your site offering a competing service?

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Taking ideas is good. Taking code or content is bad. That's how I see it.

Since you don't say specifically what ideas you like or don't like, I'll offer suggestions:

- Don't use such low contrast between text and background color. Not all computers have good contrast on the screen, especially laptops running on battery. Low contrast is also bad for the millions with poor vision.

- Provide a way to stop the slideshow. After a few iterations it's just annoying and likely to lose viewers.

- Add some interesting content. This just reads like a boring brochure. Adding maps and suggestions for walks might be one way.

- Don't use point sizes for text - IE users can't change the text size easily.

- Design a layout that works when the text size is increased

- What's with that huge empty space at the bottom of each page?

- Don't use the XML declaration before the DOCTYPE as it makes IE 6 behave like IE 5.5.

Just a cursory view...

Cordially, David
delete from internet where user_agent="MSIE" and version < 8;

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taking inspiration and ideas from other sites is a general thing.why do have any doubt on it?free feel to give your creativity new dimensions

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