Need help with my forex webmaster tools

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Hey everyone,

I'm the new site manager of (mainly blah, boring, financial stuff), and I was hired to find ways to improve some of the graphics on the site so we can market it to traders.

The graphics are slow-loading (several minutes, sometimes), and they do not always work properly. My knowledge of graphics and HTML is limited (I'm sort of learning this part of the job on the fly because I know the marketing part), so I was wondering if anyone would mind taking a look for me. Do they look nice? Are they loading quickly? Do you have any suggestions? Some of my friends in high-tech are also looking, but I prefer anonymous, blunt, honest thoughts from people who do not know me...

I really appreciate any feedback that people can give. I'm trying to learn what I can through here so I don't look stupid in front of my boss. Smiling

Here are direct links to the graphics:

Again, many thanks!

Site Manager

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Flash Charts:

I don't think these should be called "flash charts" - sure, they're built in Flash but the regular user doesn't need to know that (unless they're missing the plugin or something)

This chart could benefit for a bit more styling on the controls, and a colour scheme that blends better with the rest of the site.


All the charts could benefit from a more consistent colour scheme. Decide on a scheme for the site with the blue in the logo, red in the navbar, and then maybe 1 or 2 other colours for accents on the graphics. Use them consistently. Keep the colour choices subtle, not too bright.

Try to keep the styling consistent between charts of the same type (e.g. tables). The Single Currency Crosses & Economic Calendar charts are both tables, but are styled differently.

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