Neebie would love your help (design courses/portfolio help)

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Hi all,
I NEED your help! I started teaching myself graphic design and web design in the last year, and I think I'm doing ok. So I desided to take a course in web design. Was looking into doing the CIW webmasters course, just because I can do it over the internet and I can keep working. I'm a qualified computer programmer(9years ago, have'nt worked a day in it!) that wants my C.V. to be more attractive to employers! I know I need a good portfolio as well and I'm working on that.
Any suggestions would be great.
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I would make sure to have a well rounded portfolio and since alot of business computing related issues now deal with internet and intranet it could help.

I need link exchangesA Myspace Layout

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Graphic design has a lot of fans. Just because you enjoy looking at something doesn't mean you will enjoy creating it. Find out what your average designer does in a working day. See if that fits your personality or if you could see yourself doing that kind of work with some training.

Read more about Graphic Design Courses here:

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Of course you're hoping to start?

Welcome to the forums: webmaster-forums...

feeling at home!

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