Before Launching your website:-

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Hello friends,

What is the last thing you do before lunching your web site ??

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Recheck it if is there any brokenlinks there because brokenlinks are harmful for seo ranking.

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Aside from checking the broken link, make sure there's no typographical error in the content or on any other portion of the page, most especially the title.

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i suggest to go through will all the links and text alignments and it will be really perfect to check for errors in your site from the w3c standard

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if you wrote it check it twice and thrice, because yesterday i opened one of my website which i wrote although i checked it many time but my customers found some bugs which r annoying

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Check that all pages validate though this should also be done as you develop.

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check for any broken link.
take some screenshots from various website (who offer free screenshots of websites), when all design is ok then it is launched.

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Check your site navigation properly, these should not have broken links 404 page not found error, All pages should have unique title and meta. Every page should have the proper data.

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Testing phase is always before the launch of website and this involves capability check with different browsers and navigation links check if all are working properly or not.

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Hello friends,

What is the last thing you do before lunching your web site ??


Before launching any website, i check the website through w3c validator. Remove all the errors. Then check my website on different browser. Deeply check all links.

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First to create you website you check that all your forms work and the right information is sent to the right people? Data acquisition is an important aspect of any website, the correct user information to be sent to the user. Run a test, a fake request and check with all the users that they obtain the information it needs.

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