i need some info on Drupal

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i would like to learn Drupal. i have trying to search, but couldnt find any good resource to learn from. i tried the Drupal site, but the text is so confusing that i couldnt understand a bit. if somebody can share or suggest something that would be just amazing.
if any ebbok is available for a cost i am ready to bear it.

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Drupal takes awhile to figure out. Start with the drupal overview and the on their site (I think these have changed quite a bit since I last read it). Read it twice if necessary.

There is quite a steep learning curve but it's worth it in the end!

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There are also many books and videos on Drupal

there are some great free vids at http://www.masteringdrupal.com/

also, there are good videos at http://lynda.com and http://lullabot.com

get xampp or wamp (for Windows) and play around. Make mistakes. Learn. Ask questions on the http://drupal.org forums (but try searching first; there is now a handy downloads search for modules and themes!)

You can also learn a lot by trying installation profiles

I had a meeting today with someone who is building Drupal sites to scale to 1,000,000 peak page views a minute -- really impressive!

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