How to Check the Website - What Platform They Used?

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I am going buy a domain and a hosting plan for my Ecommerce website. I heard that Woocommerce and Magento could be a great platform to build a E-store. I search and observe couple of ecommerce site and among them one catch my eye. But i don't know which platform they used for their e-store. Can anybody tell me how can i know which platform they use on their Ecommerce website?

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Right click any part of the site and select 'Inspect Element'. View the 'Sources' and study the directory structure if its familiar to you.

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Woocommerce sites are based on Wordpress, so doing a view source you normally see a ton of references to for css/images/js files. If you do view source on a products listing page, you should generally be able to find the for

For magento, on a product listing page in the source look for something like or

I haven't worked too much with WooCommernce, but I can say from experience, Magento is a resource hog, so don't plan on very bare minimal for hosting, give it a little extra oomp.

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it's very easy to check website.

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give me the url, i will check the platform for you Smiling

Woo Commerce is the most customizable eCommerce platform in wordpress for building your online business.

Magento is another platform, like wordpress platform. it's good but it's heavy, and you need to buy fast host to run it.

There are many another platform like opencart, it has many feature like magento but it's light, you can use it in many hosting Smiling

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