Hello everyone. I would need a little help.

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Hello there everyone.
First of all please dont mind any of my work because im 3 days begginer in dreamweaver and Photoshop.

I seem to have a little problem.
Ive been seeing guides on how to slice a website and such so i did so i can change the needed areas with picture and text.

It came up that i have more than 100 slices in my website and there has came a problem with them.

When i go to my website all those slices are loading 1 by one and loading time is simply weird. i have never seen anything like that in other websites created with slices from photoshop.

The page is blank atm with only the layout ive made.

So im asking all of you if you can please help me on how to sort the loading time. Is there a way to connect all the other slices in the html ive made and that i dont need or i can put something in dreamweaver to make them all load at the same time ?

The website is http://wow-addicts.com

Thank you very much for reading this and i hope you will be able to help me.

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Hi kvasec,

When I go to that link it just says that the directory has no index file.

This isn't a particularly good way to build a website, to be honest. It's best to construct your layout first, using div containers and CSS for layout. Anything that needs to be an image should probably be put into the CSS as a background image (depending on what you're doing - is the image of value to the user or is it just decoration? Decoration should go in the CSS).

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I agree, all those slices is a crazy way to build a site, take the time to learn the proper way to build and code web sites and redo it. There are plenty of free css resources to get you started.

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