APC article: How to Choose a Great Colour Scheme for Your Site

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One of the most important parts of the initial design process is the choice of colour scheme. If your client or topic of interest already has a set of preferred colours, your choice is easy. However, there are many occasions where the choice is entirely up to you. For many people, deciding on the colours can be a difficult task. Armed with a little colour theory, some great online tools, and your own design sense, you can create attractive and unique colour schemes for your website designs. This article will show you how.


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Nice article! Good

Extremely informative and covers a great deal (perhaps just about everything) you need to know about colours on the 'net.

I had a client recently that wanted gold on his site Doh!

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Well, if you want a random color scheme, you could try "The Ultimate Original JavaScript ColorShow" a little experiment I did a few years back- with contols and copy&paste body tag!

Just hit the "Stop the Madness" button when you're feeling lucky!

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