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I'm a retired webmaster from the old school of web designing - still using FrontPage as I feel really comfortable. I have had a friend ask me if I can add an interactive page to her site.

She would like to add a critique page, where registered members can post their artwork can be commented on by other registered members. Members will have to be registered by monitors. Similar to a message board, but with the added facility of posting images.

I have been thinking that this may be done using PHP, or, more complicated, using flash.


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While you could build something like this in PHP, I think doing this yourself is a lot of work for something that could be easily accomplished with a CMS.

How is her site built now? Is it static HTML pages? Would she be interested in converting the site to a CMS that could handle the commenting and user registration for her? This is something that could easily be built in Drupal. The downside would be that there aren't a lot of free themes available and there is quite a learning curve with developing custom themes (of course, we can help with that). Otherwise the functionality for user registration, posting content and images is all built-in.

I'm not sure if there would be another free/open source CMS that would handle this well. With Wordpress you would need some plugins to allow users to post content, but maybe that would be an option. There are a lot more free themes available for Wordpress.

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