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I am about to design a database for an online bookstore that will sell books, movies, dvd, toys etc

I am looking for a nice structure but don't have idea weather there are some cataloging standards to get ideas in order to help me with database structure. for example book authors, is the same concept as movie director, but I am sure there are more similarities that I would like to use.

Any hints on what could help me best in this research?

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Hi Zergatus, welcome to the forums!

What you're asking for is rather complicated. Smiling There are a few examples on the Net though, have you seen this example? Fiddling with Google search terms has returned some good stuff.

Also look up the technique of normalisation. You should be able to work it out from there. It's a bit difficult to advise on a complete database structure as we can't second guess your projects needs.

If you have any question, do ask. Smiling

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