abusing memory, resources?

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I am doing a call where I go into a directory and open up all the files found and call my database each time to check for either the existence or lack of.. The database gets called each time with a $DBlink = new DB; and opens up a connection to the database each time. The directory originally had 200000 files in it and the program kept halting up. I split the directory up into 10000 file chunks but it still halts up after a while.

My question is... am I using up all my memory or am I using up all my resources or none of the above and it's something else?

I do a mysql_free_result after every query and I do a mysql_close on the link after I'm done.

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Are you closing each file when you finnish with them or does the server get a pile up of open files.

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good question.. but all my files are being closed right after being read...

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Are you destroying the objects each time otherwise they will only be destroyed (and free the memory) when the script ends (or go out of scope).

Use unset($DBlink) to destroy them


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