site files download from server in .tar.tgz format??

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I am trying to download files from various sites hosted on our dedicated server to upload them elsewhere but when i down load them to my HD they are in .tar.tgz format e.g. webmasterforums.tar.tgz.

I am using XP and cant unpack these to get at the files and need some help! i have tried using Winzip, Winrar, PowerArchiver, arc_convert (which didnt make any sense to me) and even seeing if my mate could open it on his Mac.

Any ideas?

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This is a linux packaging zip like software.

the link:

Here is a link to a site that explains it all and also has links for the gzip windows executable(about midway down the page) which is what you need; they have a version for Win XP.

Pretty sure this will do what you need to do i have used it before for unpacking log files. Worked good on XP.

Good luck also you can do a search for ".tgz" and find other programs to do it.

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IZarc will unzip it with no problem. That's what I use on my windows machines.

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I have used this too. Works fine for me.

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I use 7zip an excellent open source compressor/extractor which also integrates into the right-click menu which is handy..

For tar.gz you need to make two steps, decompressing gz then tar.

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