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Hi everyone,

Our web server continuoulsy gets hacked. When it started about 6 months ago we presumed were just unlucky, and that we had no real problems. There are 3 of us who look after the websites and none of us know anything about security Sticking out tongue

However, the problem persisted, and we forked out on advised newer server with Windows Server 2003 because it was fundamentally more secure than the previous NT4.0. We could also update it with it being newer software..

Thing is, nothing has changed. We figured having a firewall would stop hackers, but to no avail.

Has anyone got any tips on how to make ourselves more secure? Is anyone based in the UK which can give consultation on security issues?



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Is being a windows server a priority?


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I'm not sure. It is all we are familar with, so i'm not sure we could afford the time up to set up a linux box if thats what you're thinking Wink

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