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I have been Using WS FTP LE for sometime now and want to get a Paid FTP Client. I Know I can get the Pro verson for the one I have but wondering if there is something better out there, and why you think its better.


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I personally have been using CuteFTP for quite sometime. In fact I have been using it for so long I forget why I swtiched from WS FTP over to it. I do know there was a reason that I did though, but that was back in the day of Windows 3.11....

I just have kept it ever since, haven't seen WS FTP lately. One thing I did like was the layout better on CuteFTP over WS FTP at the time, but that wasn't the main reason I switched.


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FTP is FTP, I mean, unless you plan on doing a ton of resumes, and large downloards, you're not going to see much difference in clients.

The only FTP clients I use are the DOS based FTP (when I need some more tricky things like ls -a) and the MS/Internet Explorer in browser client, never failed me.

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Tried FireFTP? Its an extension for Firefox so comes free Smiling

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I personally use SmartFTP. It's the mutz nutz Wink

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With so many good free clients, IMO it would be a waste of money to buy a FTP client. Besides what has been mentioned, WinSCP and Filezilla are two other good ones. They would take getting used to if you have been using WS_FTP lite but work very well. You can also continue to use WS_FTP lite with no problems.

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I'm using FTP Voyager demo
switched from BulletProof FTP

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Since I use firefox, I gave their FTP program a try. Layout reminded me of WS-FTP. IMO too much wasted space not letting me have enough room to view files details fully on both server and local side. Looked for a way to get rid of the directory tree panel for each, no luck.

But for free, not bad. Beats using IE as a FTP client... (I know people that LIVE by that as the only ftp client they will use... Sad to see them so limited...)


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I've recently fallen in love with Transmit (from for the Mac... it's nice.

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