Is my server overheating?

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I just moved a website to another server on which DirectAdmin is installed. I now checked the "System Information" which tells me the following:

Vendor ID GenuineIntel
Processor Speed (MHz) 2400.085
Total Memory 1035108 kB
Free Memory 152836 kB
Total Swap Memory 2097144 kB
Free Swap Memory 1903100 kB

I don't know much about server management, but as far as I understand only 150MB of the 1GB is used. Is this normal or am I having problem here..?

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Most modern operating systems will use unused ram as a sort of 'read cache' of frequently used objects on the filesystem in order to help performance. The above stats don't look particularly worrying. If things slow down significantly, and you notice the swap numbers changing dramatically, then its time to revisit memory requirements.

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I don,t find the above mentioned statistics so alarming. Yet if you find a remarkable abnormal difference in the count of swap & free memory, then its a matter of concern.

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