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I'm too retarded to figure out how to do DNS and nameservers and all that crap, so I bought a no-ip "Plus" account for 25 bucks a year. I got it setup right away (I've used their free accounts for a few years) and everything seems to be working right (eg: I can go to and have it bring up the website I built). But my concern is how reliable is it going to be? Using their free accounts, I never had problems (but I only checked them out a few times a month). Is using a managed DNS service frown upon? Do you have any experience with them? Are there benefits for having DNS setup directly on the web server?


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There are a number of ups and downs to third party DNS server management. There are also a number of ups and downs with hosting the DNS server on the same box your sites are on. Does your hosting prvider not provide you with the use of their DNS server or are you hosting the sites on a personal PC at home?

Hosting with third party DNS server management party's can be difficult as their support is usualy minimal. I have heard many horror stories of people doing this, only to have the DNS server (or the BIND DNS service) go down making their sites unreachable. It also ads to the cost of your service. That being said, fixing issues now becomes the job of whoever your paying. That being said, the third party DNS companies are great for backups. If your servers DNS service fails the 3rd party takes over until yours come back up.

Hosting the servers on the same server as your sites can be a bit easier. But if one fails, again everything fails. If BIND fails your sites go down. If Apache fails, your site goes down. When this happens normaly restarting the service or re booting the server fixes the issue 99% of the time. Just make sure they are set up properly. If so the chances of them going down are minimal.

What OS are you running on the server, and what control panel (if any) are you using? Is it a dedicated box, shared hosting or a VPS?

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I'm on Fedora Core 6, I have Plesk and the server is a low end dedicated machine. I know very little about DNS and I have tried configuring it myself on the server, but I just couldn't figure it out. I am just a little worried about someone else taking care of DNS for me, I don't know how reliable No-ip really is (or any other managed DNS service).

Thanks for the response!

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Honestly - if you do not move your servers and website around too much. You might want to consider paying someone a few dollars to configure it for you and the problem is solved. We usually do that for our customers and it is not expensive.

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Agree with post above. If you need time - better to hire someone to do this job for you.

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If you are not good at it- there is the 3rd part that will help you much in it for extra fee.

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For extra fee yes, you may have a nice help.

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