enable JSON PHP 5.2.6

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Hi All,

I am running a Gentoo server with PHP 5.2.6 JSON is not enabled and I cant figure out how to enable it.

In my phpinfo under configure command i have this "--disable-json' '"

From a bit of reading I think php was compiled with json disabled?

I tried enabling it in php.ini but adding extension=json.so but no luck.

Can anyone advise me.

If i need to recompile php how can I do this and will it effect my current set up.


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I think you have to change the USE flags when you install php, from memory.

Did you use portage?

Update your USE flags in ‘/etc/portage/package.use’ to something like this (all on one line):

dev-lang/php apache2 cgi ctype curl curlwrappers -doc exif fastbuild filter ftp hash inifile json mysql mysqli pdo pic posix sharedext sharedmem
simplexml sockets spell truetype xml xmlreader xmlrpc xmlwriter xpm zip

Then run 'emerge php'


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Looks like you can install it using PECL:

pecl install JSON

From this article: http://www.rockfloat.com/howto/gentoo-php-mysql.html

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