what is the best framework ?

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in your opinion which framework is best?

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That depends entirely on your needs.

I would always recommend Drupal for most needs. As it is, in my opinion, the most flexible framework and has thousands of free themes and extensions available on their website. It will allow you to build huge community sites, news publishing platforms, personal ePortfolio's and much much more. Another great thing is that it is developer-friendly, meaning you can contribute to, and modify the code when you become more experienced and confident.
(this site is built on Drupal)

Joomla is a hugely powerful CMS designed primarily for news/article publishing, although it does have a lot of extensions which will allow you to create almost any site you desire. Beware, not all contributions are free in their community.

Wordpress is by far the best framework for personal blogging, and had a great selection of addons available. However, if you like to get your hands dirty, this may not be the one for you.

CodeIgnitor is fantastic if you just want to build your own website, but need a solid foundation to start on. It doesn't have an interface like the others I mentioned, but it is very lightweight and highly scalable.

There are many more to pick from, such as e107, Boonex Dolphin, and SocialEngine. But it all depends on what type of website you want to build. Do a bit of digging, most will offer an online demo so you can test-ride it before you go any further.

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Maybe we should start with what we mean by a Framework! When the original question was asked I was thinking about development frameworks like Django or Node.js or Ruby on Rails. Drupal, Joomla, and Wordpress, to me, are really CMS's that include a developer's API (of varying sophistication!)

Then there are CSS frameworks. There are some, like Twitter Bootstrap, that are really more like design frameworks. Or CSS grid frameworks of various flavours. Or I supposed you could consider SASS, Compass, and all of those tools to be frameworks as well. There has been a big proliferation of front-end helper tools over the past few years.

But that's all a matter of perspective. I think it would be interesting to talk about which frameworks we have all been working with, and what are the pros and cons. I'll start a new thread for that.

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I think WordPress is the best and easy platform to create a website and cake PHP and CSS are the best framework than the other frameworks Because of you can easily build a website from PHP and you can easily maintenance.

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i thing eclipse wordpress is the best frame work for design for website because it is easy to build a website . they provide build in option here you get every short key or easy for design template . eclipse easy to install and update .

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Well best platform or cms for creating a blog or website is wordpress, it is best place to manage your website. Magento is another platform to develop shopping website.

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For cms, my favorite is Wordpress due to its user-friendliness and extensibility as well as huge collection of themes and plugins to choose from.
For framework, I like Code Igniter, simply because it follows the MVC architecture.

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Eastmanceramic wrote:
in your opinion which framework is best?

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I built my own customer framework...I dont want to use anyone elses.

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build your own frame work throughout of using java

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You didn't mention what kind of website you have. If it is blog or company website then Wordpress is the best choice for you. If it's related to ecommerce then i recommend you to use Magento.

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