need help about HTML code?

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what is the function of:

Definition List

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"href" code is used when you want a word, phrase, or URL to be linked to a specific web page. But for SEO, the "href" or anchor text link is always required for building links.

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Does anyone know the html code to disable all the sounds on a webpage? I'm trying to play some videos without the sound playing. I know you can do it by putting mute="true" inside the video embed tag, but I need to know if there's another way to do this and just disable all the sounds on the whole webpage with one html tag.

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href function is used to create a link in the html page.

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href is used to do anchor text link in a website,it is the attribute used in anchor tag in html.we have use href attribute like this.text. for more information on html refer w3schools

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