HTML Table Trouble

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I'm new to web design and html. I'm creating a website and i've found the easiest way to do it is just to throw all the components into a table.

I can create the table etc. But I can't seem to edit individual cell (or column) widths! I have two columns per row but it wont let me individually edit the columns.

I've attached a jpeg of the table im trying to create!

I've used but it doesn't seem to achieve much!

Any help would be most welcome.


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Please provide :
1-are you hand coding or using some editing software?
2-the html code for the table

I was at your level some time back when i used to think that website with tables are easy to make and maintain, but really that is it. creating website with table is really disgusting and very time consuming try DIV's instead.

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you need html attributes like rowspan and colspan to use in this case. It would be better if you provide the code.

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