What is winmul32.rom?

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What is winmul32.rom?

I get this when first start up my computer.
Any ideas what causes this?

In Vista, what is the name if the routine that shows what apps are started up at boot time?

Also, is there some way to grep your system for this function call and see what calls it? I tried to find a few but none were any good.

And one more thing. My computer is running way slower than it used to. I saw on TV some way to do a check on the system and see how to speed up the performance.

I found this reference on winmul32.exe (not .rom)

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Never heard of it myself. Although a little investigation seems to verify the same as the info in your link, that a name almost the same as yours belongs to Iris Antivirus.
Do you have this installed?

An option is to download Spybot Search and Destroy. It's decent software and will check if you have any spyware or adware (which is often a reason why PC's run slowly) and also it shows you startup processes and usually gives info about the software they belong to and if are nasties or not

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Spybot is excellent

I also use AdAware and Hazard Shield

For AV I use Avast

all free, some catch malware that others miss...

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Yeah, running a few doesn't hurt as you say, some might catch something another misses.

Although, prevention rather than cure is better, be careful what you click on or download/install, then you don't need to worry about what might be on your system.

A good antivirus and firewall and discipline to what you install or even click on in the internet and you shouldn't get any issues.

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