website url error

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an unusual eror im getting? if i use my site is down??
if i type fine!!!
ive been uploading new stuff to the site, have i cocked up??

thank you in anticipation of some advice.
andy cyprus.

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Both work for me.

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Both work for me too.

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cheers for checking the sites. its still weird. if i add www. its offline??

http:// its ok!!! any ides please

its also letting me into the server and emails from my laptop here in cyprus.
could it be a local server fault???

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This may sound stupid...

But at our work, we have an intranet which uses http://ABC , but to get access from another location away from the network it uses

So you may see the http://ABC when you are on your network/computer, but if you have no internet connection you will not see the

Just some ideas for you.

Ps. Both sites work here.

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Perhaps you should check the DNS? Otherwise, it could very well be a problem with the network (That is if you are connecting to a serve ron the local network.). I remember having similar problems when my webserver was on my local network.

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Both work fine.

What browser do you use? Try refreshing it maybe... Roll eyes

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Uh, this thread is almost a month old. It's doubtful he's still having problems.

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