Speakers broken - Fixable??

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My speakers have been behaving strangly for a long time. Finally the other day they quit on me altogether. I figured out that one of the prongs from the plug that connects the speakers to the subwoofer (just like a keyboard or mouse plug) broke off and is stuck in the part that's attached to the unit. Is this fixable? Should I bother trying to get it fixed or should I get a new set?

Any advice would be appreciated.

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I have come across this before ... It is repairable, but (always one of those isn't there?) it takes a skilled technician and some soldering may be involved. Depending on where and who does the work it may just be cheaper and less hassle to buy a replacement set. It also depends on how much the current set is worth.

What it boils down to is whether the time, money and hassle is worth the repair or just upgrade the set. Also is the speakers under warranty because what you have described is most likely to be covered under a warranty repair.

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Check for warranty first, then try to find someone in your area, a friend maybe or the boyfriend to check it out if it can be an easy fix, if not find a local technician and get a quote how much its going to cost you to have it fixed, if it costs more than having a newer set then decide on the latter... I bet it can easily be fixed, If I was fixing it... LOL!

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Hmmmm...... I'm sure they wouldn't be under warranty anymore. I got them probably about 3 years ago.

I'll take a look at some new sets and see what it would cost me. It might not be worht the hassle to find someone who could repair them Sad

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Unless they're very nice speakers it's not worth the hassle. Logitech R-20s are perfectly respectable for general use and they're £20 at PC World.

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