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I want to build my own server to host my site, and I have been looking around but there is so much information what to use, like what software and hardware and its confusing what do you think I should use?

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depending on the type of website your going to host? are you going to be using any scripting?

If you are going to use windows based scripting then you can get away with a computer with win2000 pro loaded it has IIS systems to cater for asp and ms access databases.

If you are wanting just to host a normal website with no scripting, then you can use lynix on a computer with apache server, its all free to download and the cheapest way out. you can also gear up apache with perl and PHP mod's to handle scripting as well.

Its not that hard to do overall, heaps of tutorials around for the apache stuff.

What about your connection? you will need a static ip. and if you have a router you will have to set it up to point to your server computer, the computer itself can be relativly low end unless you are going to be getting massive hits.

Heaps of tutorials on the net have a look around.

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I'm just using an old computer with a Celeron 466 processor. It's running Gentoo linux and doesn't have a keyboard/mouse/monitor plugged in to it and I stuffed it in the closet. I run Apache Webserver and Abyss Webserver on it, along with PHP4. Most of my pages are small so I don't need super fast PHP processing on the server, but I do have a message board on there and it would definately benifit from a faster processor, but the internet connection is a standard cable connection so I'm really not concerned about speed (and only a few of my friends use the message board)

Just about any computer you've got and are willing to leave running 24/7 would be fine hardware wise until you start getting a few thousand hits/month. And for software, Apache, Abyss webserver, and PHP all have linux and windows versions, and others too.

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It is amazing what you can get done on older systems when it isn't running windows. Here at work, we run FreeBSD 4.x on a Pentium II 266Mhz system with 64 megs of ram. Along with being used as a file server for 12 people, i have apache, php and mysql running on it for ouw own in-house based time card system and project scheduling.

I know several people that use dynamic IP's and then a service that will map the domain name to their current IP address. If you are using your broadband connection at home, check to see if it is allowed, some placed do no allow this in their TOS. also if you use DSL, keep in mind the cheap packages have a lot slower upstream than downstream. (upstream is the info from you going out to the net.).


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Try easyserver configure everything. Apache, php and mysql.

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