problem with facebook-need help

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just recently facebook has stopped loading on our pc laptop, mac computer and through our iphones when connected to wifi.. any suggestions.
i ran the cmd in the run tab and typed in ping facebook and it told me it has timed out.. but what do i do now?
thank you

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All Via the same connection ? Firstly Identify who your internet provider is. If its acros more then 1 device over multiple platforms you are looking at an aggressive rule on the firewall or an ISP DOMAIN ban.

what router do you use? a netgear?
Region ? Facebook version do you use ( / / )

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is it not only open in same network or also from another networks also.. firstly identify the problem where it was .. it is on your network or some where. I think you should asked to your administrator whether you are allowed to access facebook or not. I think facebook is blocked by your adminitrator.

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I agree with stokes according to me also your facebook is blocked by your administrator.

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I think Facebook block on your system IP address.Sometime administrator block the access.
Try to use another network with different IP, it may be it's working..!

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i have seen the same problem with my laptop too, but it some time happend with facebook, because of much load, or you must clear your cache, to reach there.

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It may be been due the network error or lot of traffic in the website.

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