Need to reset laptop password, but can't

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Help! A friend of mine has a laptop, but can't use it because she doesn't have the password. The laptop is an HP 672-260US, running Windows 7, and it boots up quickly.

However...after attempting to log in several times with "guessed" passwords, Win 7 gave a message to use a password reset disk. However, when I went to the MS site to dowload the files to create the disk, I learned that I had to know what the original password was.

Is there a way to create a new password (or password disk) to get into the Windows OS? Is there a program I can download, maybe?

Thanks, in advance,


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Check out this page:

While I haven't used any of the methods on here, cracking a windows passwords are sadly easy to crack. I know someone who used a program to get back in his computer using a tool (tried calling him to see if he remembered which one he bought).

This is why programs like TrueCrypt are awesome, even though someone can log into my laptop if they steal it, the second hard drive with all my company data is stored on is encrypted.

Actually now that I think about it, I'll probably try one later tonight, one of my step-son's computers we forgot the admin password on, I can try them on it Wink


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Thanks, Greg.

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use the free password reset tools search in google....i have koon boot....

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