Need MAC user opionions

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Hello, I was looking on craigslist, and in my area the following was listed, and as I know very little about mac, was looking for some info as to worth the price, how "current" it is, I mainly want something to play with, and for editing videos would be nice since it is loaded for that, and also to view web pages on current browsers for macs to make sure they look right. I have no idea what Leopard is in terms of how current, etc.

Quote: Apple G4 Dual 1 Ghz Quicksilver - 1.5GB RAM - 850GB HD - Leopard - FCP - $350 This has been a great system since day 1. I used it for video production. I am a professional video editor and this machine has never let me down. It comes fully decked out with maximum RAM and 850 GB of hard drive space (1x250, 3x200). I will put a fresh install of Leopard on the system and Final Cut Pro. While I will give you the disk for Final Cut, I bought a family pack of Leopard so I can't give you that disk. You can make a backup of the fresh install to one of the internal drives with a free program like SuperDuper so you will always have a fresh install to go back to.

As things go fast on craigslist that are a great deal, wanted to ask here as usually get pretty fast responces here. Thanks in advance.