Firewall for Windows XP

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Is there a firewall that can block a incoming IP from accessing my server. I am using Windows XP home edition, if so please recommend such

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Zone alarm ( will let you do this, but I'm not sure if you will need the pro version for that functionality or if it is in the free version. Download it and give it a try.

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I'm pretty sure it's in the free version, but I haven't used it in a while...

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Well windows Xp now comes with a built in firewall you can trust to give you peice of mind...

Ok, now that you are done laughing, many antivirus prorams have firewall now, also many broadband routers have firewalls (most of the ones I have used and set up fro people have them come out of the box blocking all traffic trying to get INTO you system, some may be able to set up for a specific IP to block. Worth looking into. Check the docs for yours.


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Zone Alarm is a good choice . I have used it for few years already Cool
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Yes I too use Zone Alarm and have done for a while without any problems...

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You may all use zone alarm without any problems, but is it worth it?

Chances are you already have a firewall built into your router, which is always better than relying on software (which can have holes and be affected by other bits of software). If you have a firewall you should be able to use it to block an IP as Greg mentioned.

Basically there's nothing better than a chunk of hardware denying access to everything.

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IMHO - Outpost FireWall - the best.

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yeah I know that the zone alarm its a good choice, it really works, the only think that I dont like of that, is the messages of the size of half of your monitor that trows you everytime something happened.

Another one that is damn good is outpost firewall of agtinium, it have more advanced options and because its not so common, it is really hard to pass that by.

P.D. "Well windows Xp now comes with a built in firewall you can trust to give you peice of mind..." ........ that was a good one!!! I can't stop laughing of that HUAHAHAHAHAAHHAHAHAHA XD

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enable windows firewall and configure it to dont allow incoming connection .or use kespersky internet security which have pewerful firewall.

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You can try zone alarm. It is quieter and more effective.

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Is having a firewall turned on really that important? I always turn mine off because it sometimes blocks application that I actually need and then I am annoyed about the blocking and just turn off the firewall because I always think that I do not need it.

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