Firefox weirdness

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I woke up today and started my computer (I am one who shuts down at night - anyway it's a good idea with Vista) and all sorts of strange things happened.

Internet Explorer closed itself as soon as the start tabs loaded (some would say that is a good feature); and Firefox displays the wrong icon(s) for the Firebug toolbar buttons (eg Inspect - see image) and does not display graphics, does not display the Web Developer toolbar, does not even give an option for the WD toolbar.

I ran CCleaner and tried two restore points - the IE problem resolved, but I started getting errors on some DLL for Copernic Search, and I could not uninstall Copernic I had to delete it manually.

A few reboots later, and the Firefox issue remains. I tried reinstalling Firefox, checked settings (load graphics is on), uninstalled and reinstalled Firebug and Web Developer. This is how it looks:

bad firefox

One time I clicked a link in an email and Firefox displayed normally - but I have not been able to replicate it.

The last few things to change:


Firefox installed an update for Fireshot, I tried disabling and uninstalling it.


I updated Filezilla

I installed Windows updates (removed by rolling back to restore point(s))

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A sweep with SpyBot temporarily restored Firefox, but the problems soon reoccurred.

A comment on the Firefox Support Forum led me to the page about Firefox Safe Mode

First I tried resetting the toolbars.

Then I disabled all addons and VOILA - and I re-enabled the ones I really use without any problem (Firebug, Web Developer, MeasureIt, Colorzilla, RankQuest, a few more) \

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I had the same problem and after disabling the theme and chosing a different one it worked fine. I have no idea about what part of the theme was causing it and I havn't been able to replicate it. The theme was some vista theme I believe.

It may be a firefox bug...

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Yes, that does look like a Vista/Firefox bug, it could also be an extension issue. Very weird, and one of those 'deep' bugs that are ridiculously difficult to reproduce.

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