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I had the GooglePreviews extension installed in Firefox, and when I came in this morning, I could no longer see the thumbnail previews. Instead, there is quite a bit of spacing between each of the Google result. I uninstalled and reinstalled the extension, same problem. I also tried disabling some of the other extensions, no luck. I tried installing a completely different Firefox Google Thumbnail extension, and it didn't work either, but had different problems.

Has anyone run into this before? It's driving me crazy!

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One solution - get rid of it

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Sounds like the joy of moz extensions, sometimes they clash or require a certain version of Moz.

I've never had the problem myself though, so am afraid all I can suggest is taking a close look at the requirements for the extension, check it shouldn't clash with any other extensions and make sure you're using the latest version of Moz.

Wouldn't be suprised if the thing's just broken because of a change to Google that hasn't been supported by the extension yet, after all it's not up to Google to support a bunch of 3rd party extensions to Moz. Smiling

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Oddly enough, it's working fine today. The reason it's really odd is because I haven't even closed my browser since yesterday.

Jeeves, you may be partially right, it may have been some temporary change in Google that no normal person would have noticed. Just my luck for not being normal. Smiling

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Or maybe your browser had a bad day! Or maybe it was protesting your use of extentions!!

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