Can't install XP SP2?

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I just reformatted my dell laptop and so I have the XP Home that came with it. I have successfully downloaded all updates, but now I cannot upgrade to SP2. I also tried downloading the full install and no luck!

It just freezes near the very beginning... almost always on "Checking product key" ...

When I hit cancel it doesn't register and I have to use task manager to cancel it...

Any ideas how I can get SP2 on this stupid laptop!?

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I have heard of people having this problem, some reasons were nortons (AV) and the latest updates causing problems (clashing).
disable nortons if you have it and uninstall some of the updates (very time consuming thou) until it will install

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I don't have any antivirus or antispyware installed.. it has essentially nothing yet... Sad

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how long have you left the system and have you tried running the upgrade from safemode (with networking)?

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If you can find a way to get to find the SP2 download and elect to have it sent to you on CD. It's free and there's no DRM on it, copy it and share it as much as you want. After you install XP go ahead and slip the SP2 CD in and boom, there you go. Of course, you'll still have other updates to install but that's about an hour saved right there.

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