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Hi guys, this is a site I've been working on for a few months and I've finally entered the beta stage. It's a public beta and I'm looking for feedback. A few features and pages aren't completed, but overall the functionality of the site is there. I I still have several things I'm working to add and change, but I'm trying to get as much feedback as I can now. You will actually have to create an account and login to see most of the features, which are accessible via your tool bar. Also, you'll notice the name on the site is not the same as the domain, this is because I still have not picked a final name, as any good name I've come up with is taken by domain squatters. Thanks!


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Ooh, neat idea! I like the idea2 name too. Too bad about domain squatters - they are so annoying! So many stupid website names come up because you ahve to make up some weird word to even get a domain name. That's how we ended up with A Padded Cell.

This site looks good and - most importantly - the purpose is very clear. I didn't have to do much reading or digging around to figure out what was going on. I think the design is a bit bland looking for the topic. Ideas are fun and exciting but this site is boring old blue. Oh well - boring blue works for Facebook, it could work for you too Wink

One thing that does bug me about this design is that I feel like there should be some extra white space either above or below the top blue bar with the logo (possibly both above and below)

The category navigation at the top confused me at first. I didn't realize what it was until I started playing with the buttons. Something that looked like a regular drop-down form list might be more intuitive here. Then you would be able to see all available categories instead of having to page through each of them. The buttons to navigate through individual ideas should probably go below the text, not above. See, I'm being picky about little things, that means I like it Wink

On the login form - I really like the "Why Join" reasons and the way the form boxes highlight as you go through. A neat extra touch. At first glance the form does seem to be asking for a lot of information. I'm not sure why it needs my full name, birth date, or profession. Especailly since the reason under the birth date header says "For Legal Reasons *" and the note under it says "Your Birthday as a reminder to our group" ??? Wha-huh??? The check availability feature on the username works well - it's best when those work within the individual page instead of having to go back and forth.

Enter the Active Email Address" is also a bit of a weird phrase as well. It might be useful to tell people if you're sending a verification email or not - sometimes I use a different email address that I don't actually check very often. If I know I need to check it I might put in a different address. Or I'll try to put in a fake email address if I'm worried about spam (then get caught when I find out after the fact that they're sending a verification email and I'm not going to get it!).

The "(Add/Remove the List of Profession)" bit is confusing - I thought it would give me a list of professions to choose from, not add another profession for me to fill in. It's a bit of a weird feature to have, multiple professions.

In fact, all of the text notes on this page need attention. Most of the writing on this site that I've noticed has been good so this is kind of out of place.

I'm waiting for the activation email to arrive - I might get back to you with more later. BTW, the title tag on the message page says "Idea2 - Message Page." (not a suitable title)

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Heya, thanks for the feedback. Just wanted to let you know it has been decided on Idealucion. the site can now be access at http://www.idealucion.com There have been several improvements made including finishing some of the features. Please take another look at the site and give some feedback even if it's just to say it sux or it's great Laughing out loud

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Right away - it is a bit slow-loading for me, and on a cable modem most sites load very quickly for me. I think a very simple way to spice up the site is to change that dark blue to a bright green or red or something, while maintaining the attractive design; I agree that the blue is just way too boring for an innovative and exciting website.

The 'Why Register?' section on the registration page is great because it outlines exactly what you can do with Idealucion, but I'm torn about whether it really needs to be on the registration page itself. If someone has gone to that page, they probably don't need much convincing to register. That's tough to debate personally. I too am very confused about the birthday section. It seems to contradict itself, and one thing that really bothers me on websites is the drop-down list for the year. Honestly, is anyone born in 2007 really going to register? I know it's nit-picky, but it's a huge pet peeve of mine. It seems strange to me to ask for City and Country instead of country/province or just country, mainly for the reason that city/country could refer to several places across the country. For instance, there are several cities named 'Frankfort' across the USA, so it doesn't pinpoint the location of that user, whereas a province/country would at least indicate a state in the USA. I understand the concept of the profession, but I too don't understand having more than one profession, unless you're hoping to recruit Jacks and Janes of all trades...truely Renaissance men! As a student, I have no profession, so for years of experience do I put 12? In that case, should everyone list their years in school? Perhaps listing college degrees would be a good idea in addition to professions...

I actually received my confirmation email right away, so that is pleasing to me. Instant results are always welcome.

Eeshk. I was excited with the site until I got to my 'User Home' page. The 'Posted Ideas' and 'Groups Created' boxes are the same size, but the 'My Favorite Ideas' box is much longer and looks strange, especially since at the moment it has nothing in it, just a bunch of white space. I think having to click another link to get to my private messages is simply inconvenient and unnecessary truly. I think that should be included on the 'User Home' page. My toolbox was sitting right in the middle of the page, blocking the 'Logged in successful' message, so I just noticed that, and it's also unnecessary. First of all, it's grammatically incorrect (should be 'Logged in successfully'), and I think it's fairly common sense that if you have reached the 'User Home' page, you are logged in, but that's very minor too.

That's all I've got for now. Sounds like a great website with wonderful potential. Wink


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well site loooks good and neat and clean too. but i think there is no attraction in it. i mean it is good. but there is nothng attractive which attracts me. it seems life less to me. maybe there is no image at your site. or maybe some other reason. try to put some images on the website. it will bring life to your website.

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