www.lubestreet.com T-Shirts , looking for some feedback / advice , hows it look?

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Please review: http://www.lubestreet.com

Hey everyone.
i just recently started a site that i will sell t shirts and other stuff on it. and i just want it to look as professionally done as possible, the site is still under construction overall, but the homepage is mainly done.

i jsut took a free template and edited it to the best of my knowledge. i'm pretyt much just know basic html so its and i'm a noob in it too so its dificult, plus i'm lazy...

but i really want to get this site up and running.

just check it out and give me soem feedback on how it looks and if you think it looks professional, legit, ( it is ) i just want to make a good first impression on my customers. ( dont we all? )

thanx alot! hope to hear from you soon!

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Generally on the right path with layout. The green background header background seems appropriate for your audience but I strongly suggest changing the text from white with black border to either black with white border or black with no border. Do whatever you have to do to get the title to stand out more. Also, the address in the bottom right of the header graphic shouldn't be necessary since they're already on your site but if you do want to keep it, make it smaller so it doesn't compete with your main site title.

The Netfirms bar and sponsored links above your header does ruin the professional feel of the site. If you plan on making any money at all it would be well worth a few bucks a month to get a non-freebie host so you won't need to put up with their infringing advertisements.

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I have only got one problem with this site, the first thing you see are the ads.

This may make you money but it may deter many. I have quite a high resolution, i can only imagine how little of your site users with lower resolutions can see of your actual website..

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hey you two, thanx for replying. and yea i agree with the ads. i mean i only want ads on two parts of my site. one at the top where i got my own banner set up on my own page Kinda stupid i know ) but thats my spot for ad's and i'm a lil lazy so i just put a ad for my page on my homepage.

i hate the netfirms ad's i messed up when i bought the domain. didnt read much about netfirms because before i used to have aplus.net they didnt give me any ads but i had to find another hosting which was from cjb.cc at the moment. good service and cheap. now they have the option of buying a domain from them as well i'll have to see if i can transfer it to them. cuz those ads are definetley not even going to make me money. especially since they direct my visitors to my compettitor's. which is really stupid! in my opinion.

but thanx again for the feedback. i'll be busy workin on the site for a while i'm sure. i never have alot of time or motivation to finish it.

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the image clarity on the site is very good---please try to readjust the comonents

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readjust the what? lol sorry i'm ve been trying to learn for a while but never have enough time to fully do learn.

and i decited to sell electronics and t shirts rather then just shirts... but yea. i made a few changes to the home page, i really want to hurry up and finish the site. but i never have enough time :-/ can you tell me what u guys think...

the hearer image is just a temp i'ma photo shop something up when i get a chance. and i still gotta fix it up clean it up. but u guys see the main thing i'm tryign to do rite? and i'ma take those pot shirts off in a lil bit off the homepage anyway. i dont think that will drive customers away. some of them anyway..

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the navagation menu could be the same length as the hosting and advertisments header,
the navagation menu could also do with a revamp as it is not clear. If the menu links are images, may be pixels.

Overall, A clean website design.

Peter Smiling

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I dont get any professional feel while visiting this site. Get rid of netfirms.. pay for some hosting. I'm sure you can find some hosting for like 1$/mo or something. Clean up the quality of the header image and the stick figure guy.

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