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Hey guys, just writing for some advice on my new blog, WikiBlog .


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well I love the design and think its really nice... for the most part a blog usually doesn't have much wrong with it unless you installed wordpress wrong Smiling (atleast it looks simular to wordpress) all I got to say is content content content. I would try to add some pictures to the posts to give people something to look at... always seems better with pictures or atleast I like books with more pictures so maybe thats it.


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pay attention to detail though, your leaving the datestamps behind some of the titles, it looks ropey!!!! Smiling other than that, good

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I think the colour-combo are good, the design style is pretty much high on my mark, you should check however the functionality of each element like for example the Title and Dates, they overlap if titles are too long...

Otherwise, great looking site!

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