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Hi Everyone,

as part of my ECommerce course curriculum at Algonquin College in Ottawa Canada, I have created an e-commerce site. Part of the course outline is to critique profession websites and have our websites critiqued.

I've spent some time reviewing and critiquing some websites within this forum and feel confident I'm among professionals. I hope you will find some time to share some of your expertise to review my website with a second opinion.

I look forward to hearing from you about any technical and content related issues. This request could be considered time sensitive due the nature of my academic calendar and I thank you for your promptness.


Jason aka, Smrtcar

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As a website, I guess it does what it says on the tin. It delivers information, at its most basic level and does so with simplicity and clarity. White text on pink is not a good combination, I believe that font is century Gothic? Its difficult to read in parts.

The banner on the right is not cohesive enough, and makes the site look cluttered.

The logo at the top looks basic and too big and QT Quilts looks bad on a big monitor.

Navigation is simple, and I think the site could benefit from some more dynamics in terms of style and design. Perhaps a graduated pink background instead of a solid colour. A better logo and title image.

The images also need optimising for the web as with a little tweaking in Photoshop they would load so much quicker. Even on a T3 fibre connection with no contention, I had to wait slightly whilst the images downloaded

Its ok but I think a better structure and tighter design would benefit yourself

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oh and design your layout first, and use CSS effectivley with your content seperate. The site jumps around a bit as it loads each page. The content should sit in a framework which never changes.

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A few things:

With an ecommerce site you want the product to take center stage. Photos of the product should be highlighted on the home page and should be above the fold on the products page.

I think the pink and red colour scheme is a little hokey - something with a white background would work better here.

The products really need better photos, in the real world you would hire a professional to photograph the quilts.

The layout of the products on the product page could us some work. Get rid of the tables (no longer used to lay out pages on professional sites). Each product should have a page that describes it in more detail, rather than trying to include everything on one page.

The buy now buttons should match the design of the site and the credit card graphics aren't showing up.

The about us area should have a bit more detail - a photo would be good, and contact us should include a phone number and street address. Both of those things help to add credibility which is important to people buying online.

Your course doesn't require you to make a working eCommerce site?

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I'd like to see an actual logo, but it looks pretty good. I like the colors, but it could use some products on the first page.

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