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Hi everyone,

I would appreciate some critiques about my website that I made for a college course.

Website url: http://acadunix.algonquincollege.com/~chow0057/glass_n_store/index.php

My main concern at the moment is to see whether or not my main page would persuade someone to purchase an item or at least inquire for further information. Comments about some of the other web pages are also welcome.

Please note that when clicked, the buttons labelled “Add to cart”, “Buy now”, “Go” and “submit” and links labelled “View Cart” and “checkout” will go to an under construction page since the site is still under construction.

Thank you for taking the time to evaluate my website. I look forward to reading your comments.

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Hi cmei,

I took a look at your website and have a few suggestions that may help. You mentioned your concern was the main page and its ability to convince viewers to become buyers. I think you may want to spruce it up a bit. Perhaps you could add another color and use a little more bolding or italics. I was thinking you could use a fancier font for your title (Glass N Store) and maybe add a tag line right under it, something like "The best place for all your glass container needs!" or other. Also, I noticed you had a link to more information in your 1st paragraph. I would recommend removing the link and actually showing all your content on that first page - I thought that was good information to help convince people to buy.

You may also want to bold your prices, like you did on the product pages - it stands out more and makes it easier to read. Also, I am not sure if you need both an "Add to Cart" and "Buy Now", maybe an "Add to Cart", again in bold is enough.

Lastly, and I apologize I don't know how to help you correct this, but the words under the Special Offers section on the first page seemed a little blury to me. Maybe one of the other members could help you fix that.

Those are my thoughts looking at it as a potential buyer. Best of luck and hopefully I have at least given you some things to think about.

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Hi lsphillips5,

Thanks for your comments. I really appreciate the suggestions and comments that you made. I agree that the words under the special offers section is a bit blurry. I will applying the suggestions that you mentioned in the next version of my website. Smiling

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The page is a little grey, some colour could make it look a little more inviting. Also the logo text looks a little over-done, you probably won't remember this, but bevels were big in 1990's so everyone tends to avoid them now. Smiling

I had trouble seeing that 'Add to cart' and 'Buy now' are buttons, however they do fit in well with the rest of the design. Also, it wasn't obvious that the items on the left navigation are links. You might want to make them bold or something, make it more obvious.

Like what you've done with the footer, great idea with the jars. If you want to make it look really professional, line the text up and hang the jars on the left. So move 'Policies' to the right, until it lines up with 'Guarantees' and 'Privacy' and do the same with the 'Customer service' section. Smiling

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