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Hi Everyone,

I am new to this forum and would like some viewpoints on our web site. The site content was 99% developed by myself and given to a web site developer to put together, launch and host/control (i am useless at the really technical stuff). I know it could do with centreing.I have run validation code for it, and it appears to be littered with errors, there again we do have quite a lot of content. The main area I would like a view point on is the overall look and style and navigation and pointers to improvement which would be gratefully received. Many thanks.

http://ww w.pegasusna tional.com [removes spaces]


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Your site is easy to navigate, and the color scheme is nice. The quote and history of the day at the bottom adds up the spice. I suggest you make the thumbnail of your product more inviting, most don't bother to go to large picture when browsing to it. Overall design is good but I think you need to consider this seriously: It took me 4 or 5 clicks to reach the checkout button, it's just a total turned off to most online shoppers. Smiling

And hey...
I suggest you remove the spaces in your link, TWF is trusted by many professional developers, you can safely post your link here.

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I like the overall look of your site. It is not an ultra stylish site, but looks good.

What I would suggest is to remove the "home company ..." links from the top, at least for the home page. You home page is quite short, and I think it would look better if you had those links just at the bottom.

Also maybe think about making your mouseover link boxes the same color as the left menu. The menu on the left has no surrounding box and the test is dark blue, but in the box that pops out, there is a black border, and the text is dark red. Consider making them the same style.

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Hi Dantara,

Here's my critique of your site.

Try using a centre layout. Right now it's on the left and with people with wide screens (becoming the trend) this leaves A LOT of space on the side and makes it hard to look at (people have to look over to the left uncomfortably).

Text size is a little bit small.

Apart form that it's ok.

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I think it might look better if you make it centered and tried to un-clutter it a bit as well as make the design a little more web 2.0.

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My first impressions are the text is too small and you are not making the most of the 'real estate', in other words, it is too crammed into the top left corner.
Get some % widths/heights in there and spread it out a bit.

I hope this helps.

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