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Hey there!!! please check out the site I have made for a class at Algonquin college in Canada.

I would love to know what you think of the design, colors/whitespace use, etc.

Improvements are ongoing and I would love to make this site the best that I can.

Thanks in advance,

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Hi Jessie,

This site looks kind of low quality, to be honest. Is that the look you were going for? Sometimes that's a good way to sell - the design always needs to fit the product. If the product is cheap the design should look cheap too (but not so cheap that people don't trust it. Trust is important when selling online).

Does this site only sell the one product? I'm actually not really sure of what the benefits of this product are. But I don't travel that much so maybe I'm just not aware of the problems with airline regulations.

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This site was made with Microsoft Frontpage, and it shows. That's not a good thing I'm afraid. Smiling

Frontpage writes awful code and encourages bad design habits. Seriously, no site should have everything centre-aligned like that (am mostly talking about the text). In fact, there isn't much of a design to critique here. Looking at what some of your other classmates have done, this pales in comparison. Sorry if that sounds a little harsh.

Having been harsh, what I do like about this site is: it's clear what you're selling, it's reasonably obvious what's better about this than other bags, and it's very easy to purchase (by hitting the big 'Buy now' button.

That 'Buy now' button seems out of place with the rest of the design, did you download it from somewhere? The tick and cross don't seem very complementary either.

Quite liked the kit page with dimensions and pictures, you might want to include the measurements in inches (for the olds who haven't converted yet). Maybe check the bag sizes conform to the maximums set by most airlines too; getting through security is alright, but what about checkin? And how much does the bag weigh? If used as a carry-on it needs to be lightweight, lots of airlines have low maximum weights for carry-on luggage, we've been caught out by that before.

Hope this helps. Smiling

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