Some advice on my education portal

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Hi All,

I've recently launched which in an education portal of sort, it allows teachers to share classroom resources that they create.

I'd love advice on getting teachers to the site, as well as what you think of its usability? does it make sence?

all advice appreacited thanks

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Your website looks very proffesional. And I think that nothing must be change. Good work done.

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The fixed width is cool - but keeping it anchored to the left is kinda akward... IMO, keep it centered.

Also, I would suggest putting a colored border around MainContainer. The header image weighs down the top half of the design - I think it would be helpful to either add a border or gradient on the sides.

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Great site, as a teacher myself, I can tell your site4 may be a real find for resource-hungry teachers, so all you need is to contact sites like and ask about the terms of placing links to your site there.

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Hi all, thanks for the advice so far much appreciated I am going to center align it as soon as i get a chance, i think that is good advice.

Ruth: I appreciate your comment, I am hoping that this site will be a big help. Though not being a teacher myself, I am wracking my brain on how to get teachers involved and to the site (any ideas most welcome) looks like a great idea, does anyone know how i can get a hold of him/them? I can;t find details anywhere...?

thanks again

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Hi I just had a couple thoughts to share with you for your site.

1st: Your site has a rather smooth look overall and the font used in the header looks kind of rough. I would suggest using a smoother font as I believe it will match the site design better.

2nd: In the footer your google ads are colliding (overlapping) your footer links. This needs to be fixed as everything is jumbled up. (Note I only checked in the latest version of Firefox)

3rd: By my count you have 4 instances of google ads, and I believe according to their terms of use you can have no more than 3 per page. Since your footer ad is colliding with the footer, and will probably get the least amount of views, perhaps you should just remove this one all together.

4th: I might also consider making the white space a bit wider, and increasing the padding in your columns. This is just more personal preference on my part and not necessarily good or bad.

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Looks Good its clean and gives the professional look

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Very nice banner
- You may want to add mouseovers to the navigation
- Problems at the bottom with overwriting
- You may want to list some free tutorials or advice for teachers on certain subjects - not depend on only teachers sharing advice and information
- some ideas on student counseling will help
- some information on Grants for schools and how to apply for them, etc
hope this helps

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Hi, I haven't read the others feedback of your site in this thread to remain impartial and fresh, so excuse me if I may repeat some points already mentioned.

First, I noticed that your foreground to background contrast is low, so at high brightness or gamma, your site body will be swallowed by the background, try darkening the background a bit.

I like the blue/brown contrasting colours, the header and the curved tabs on top, but below that point, it's a little lackluster, the content feels a little mish-mashed with the side navigation, that I think adding the Google Ads here and there is the main purpose of the site. You also don't have a decent footer design to break the continuity of the page.

In firefox, the bottom links for Site Navigation, Main Sections, User Activity is floated left and overlaps with the Google Ad... I think you should organize this in a much better way.

With a little adjustment here and there, and some arrangement and additional graphic elements at the body area, this design could be promising...

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nice work,your website looked professional.
I think the width of your webpage is a little narrow.
It looked about 800 pixeles.maybe you should use 1024 or more .
Do you have a forum in your website,Sorry I didn't find it.
I think it's a nessary for you website.

I highly recommend reliable web hosting

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Nice site. Good resources.

As a trained teacher, but home schooler, I would suggest you might like to include resources for children taught at home too. Access to maths, english and alike worksheets which can be downloaded are popular.

Maybe you could include a section which includes certain topics and make printouts available.

A good site overall. Welldone.

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