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Hi there,

I create a website called

On this site there is free SEO software to download, SEO tools, SEO News and articles

Any feedback will be appreciated



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This is not bad for a start. I'm finding that the information on the home page isn't very well organized. It's hard to tell what each section is for and where one ends and the other begins. Make sure each section has a heading and that the heading stands out from regular text. As an SEO specialist, you know that it's good to use the H1, H2 etc. tags. Make sure you style them appropriately in your CSS so people can easily see where the section headings are.

Most of what's on this page looks like ads for varying services. The first whole section is basically an ad for this SEO Surf tool. Then there are ads for a couple of other tools, mixed in with google ads. Then there's a whole bunch of explaintory text and I'm not sure what that's supposed to be (heading needed). Most of that text seems to be a lot of blathering about what's on this site - nobody is going to read that, they want to go straight to the helpful information.

I've found a few cases of using underlining to emphasize text - this is confusing to people because underlines are usually associated with links. Use italics or bold to show emphasis.

I'm skimming over the text here and I'm finding a lot of it to be either vague or redundant. Focus on the points that will be helpful to the user. Skip over the lengthy introductions and get right to the content. In the "Small Changes to Your Website to Boost Your SERPs Ranking" article, for example, there is about a page of rambling and google ads before the actual content shows up. That could easily be condensed into one paragraph. (and it's not exactly true that search engines adjust their algorythms just to trick webmasters - they're trying to get more relevant results for users, which includes weeding out some of the deceptive techniques that webmasters like to use).

This site does have a lot of content but in order to be useful it has to be clearer and more straightforward.

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Sorry, not keen Sad Most people are very visual and rely on aids to guide them to important areas of a website. There's nothing on the site to help them... what should they look at first? There is no subliminal clues to make you think "Ah, i'll read this first." This forces the user into trying to take in everything at once, which is impossible.

You've made this worse by having a menu which is essentially a list and too much content on the homepage.

It seems to me you tried to follow general SEO rules in construction, but have forgotten that people have to want to look at your site. Why get people to your site who are going to leave it just as quickly?

For inspiration on design try looking at,,,

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The menu on the left stands out more than the content, you may want to consider changing the style or may be the text size.
The SEO pics 1, 2 & 3 could be of better quality and slightly larger in size.


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i like that.
is not bad at all.

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If you're going for a bare-bones look then that has been accomplished but what others have said is right that websites are very much a visual medium and while there's a lot of content there's no visual cues (i.e. headers, etc.) to let people know which portion of the website to look at first.

Also, the stuff you have the bottom of the page ("Avoid This," "Introduction," etc...) needs to be somewhere at the top, IMO. Do not add it to the right of the centered text column, it'll look too squished. And since you're not doing anything with that right side anyway I would say expand the width of the center column.

You have a lot of good content which is plus, but I would say just organize it a little better.

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1) seems cluttered and small print makes me want to leave.
2) bland colors. no designer appeal.
3) nice content, maybe find a better way to present it.

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I think the site is very scattered. I would suggest to make it very basic and easy to navigate. It just seems there is tons of information and people are going to have to spend lots of time navigating the site to find it. Besides that i really like the site.

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i like it

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good work and very nice site

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dot like your site

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It's hard to navigate around, I suspect beginners will find it even harder..

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