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Thank you for the suggestions. I have used your ideas and revised parts of the CDTG. I reversed the dog in the top corner and bumped up the left-hand column. I think it looks better. I also fixed the font problem found while using Netscape (the latest version anyway). Any other help, or feel the urge to critique the CDTG:

Thank you,

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To be honest I can't see all that many differences but here we go anyway:
- Amazon banner broken
- The 'back to the top' link is not at the bottom
- The middle column of text looks uneven for some reason try rephrasing to make it even on all sides or use the preformated text tag to sort it out.

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Hi there,
I think the dog definately looks better, and so do the red dots. I'm still getting a netscape error, and this is visible in the left margin:

> on mouseOver="windows.status="Hostels"
on mouseOut="windows.status="">Hostels

take care,

Carolyn Jones

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Just to note the new address for the CDTG (Crazy Dog Travel Guide) referenced in this article is

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Wow! Were you the original Scott guy who posted this critique request?

Cool man, happy to see your site is still up and running after all this time. Smiling

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