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Hi Guys,

I would love some feedback on my new blog about website flipping the next big internet industry. Please let me know what you think of the design and the writing style or if thier are any bits of infomation you would like me to write about.

The site is


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This looks really good. Is it a template or did you design it yourself? Everything looks very nice and well put together. The logo text should be a little smaller so it fits in that oval shape better. I think the orange colour used for the page headings is too bright compared to the rest of the design. It also doesn't align well with the yellow/gold used in the header. I would try using that gold colour instead.

I was wondering what those navbar sections were for and was a bit confused at first because it didn't seem to be part of the blog. The case here is that the blog is part of a larger site. It would be nice to highlight that blog link on te navbar so users know that they are in this section of your site. That would be helpful for anyone who lands on the blog without going through the front section of the main website.

The post sections on the front page seem to be a little short. It might be nice to make those longer so readers can get a better idea of what the post is about.

On the poist pages themselves I find the font size to be a bit too small. It's fine on the home pages where there's not a lot of text to read but on these pages it makes reading uncomfortable. Too small font sizes or other design problems could easily cause visitors to stop reading just because it's uncomfortable for them. Also, on this post the headers are sort of jumping all over the place - they're not aligning to the left like they should. I'm using Opera 9/Mac. Or maybe they're supposed to be centered? Don't center or indent headlines, just keep everything aligned left.

The writing style does seem a bit stilted and awkward at times. Also make sure to proofread everything (twice). There are a lot of sloppy mistakes in here. For example:

The website has many highly successful scam artist.

I think you mean "The web has many highly successful scam artists. " ??

Later on in the same paragraph you have:

But when that same person buys a $500 established website for example, they would be luck to do 25 minutes of work researching their investment.

That should be lucky, and the sentence structure could use some work as well. The "would be lucky to do 25 minutes of work" doesn't really say what you mean. You mean that this person wouldn't be bothered to do the research on his investment. Remember that on the web writing needs to be shorter and more succinct. You could do without the "for example" altogehter in this sentence.

Same paragraph:

That is bad business and all it takes is little bit of extra work you can become more confident in your potential investment.

Should probably be:

That is bad business and all it takes is a little bit of extra work and you can become more confident in your potential investment.

This may be better written as:

That is terrible business strategy! With a little bit of extra work you can be much more confident in your potential investment.

Hope that helps Smiling

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It looks great, and I love the colour green - always sits easy on the eye. The only thing I would say is to me, it wasnt immedietley obvious what the blog was about within the first few seconds. Other than that, brilliant

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Well designed. With creative and good layout. I love your web site good job has been done

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