Review my site ! (Anti Spyware & Registry cleaner)

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Thanx for the views on the text overlapping problem. I've redesigned it and its ok with the major browsers. I would appreciate any constructive reviews for my site that could help in more traffic.
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thanks in advance.

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I find the top of your page rather blocky. The big rectangle logo could do with some amending. Instead of a blocky top of the page, why not try something subtle. If you want me to have a go, then let me know. No charge. Site good besides.

Also try not to use internet spelling jargon like 'U' instead 'you' especially if you are trying to create a professional image, and the use of 'scumware' may not be appropriate. The reason being is you are trying to put across professional applications but you are putting a personal opinion in your main header.

But overall a great and useful site that I hope grows well.

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Your big title rectangle looks like it was thrown together in a hurry. You might want to make it seem more professional, maye ditch the rectangle and make the Best Anti Spyware reviews in a nice bubbly font. Not too over the top, but something that is more eye pleasing. The line "A spyware can ruin your life" is gramatically incorrect and too dramatic, it should read "Spyware can interfere with your online privacy" or something to that effect. Maybe you could let users review the programs, where do the star ratings come from? Is this your opinion? You might want to clarify that. Also if you have a user review section, it will make your website more user friendly and valuable to the visitor and might create repeat visitors as people check back to your site to see new reviews that have been posted.

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markov;207574 wrote: Hi,

Thanx for the views on the text overlapping problem. I've redesigned it and its ok with the major browsers. I would appreciate any constructive reviews for my site that could help in more traffic.
Please click to enter into the site:

thanks in advance.

The top banner has to go.

If you decided on margins on each side, don't run your top text all across the page.
It kinda kills the whole flow.

Move some "important" menu items to the top. - Cheapest, local gas prices/stations on cell phone or PDA - MIDP-2.0 mobile devices

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Thanx mandyjb , webmasterD , ! I will consider your valuable suggestions.

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Trust is a big factor in web pages, I wouldn't use your sites for the following reasons:

No explantion of what spyware or register cleaner is, just affiliate links
The layouts are exact copies so displays no time (identity) has been shown on either
All links are affiliate links - get rich scheme
Has bookmark us instructions
Is hosted on 50webs not your own domains
Your email is gmail (a throw away address)

How you can fix the site/s:
Use a unquie layout for each
Explain what spyware and register cleaning is (in laymens terms so child understands it)
Don't use cheesy graphics like "tell your friends ..."
Don't use bookmark us suggestions
Don't just think of making money, think of helping people, if people find out your site is just a link farm they wont be back, gain their trust and they will be (as long as you don't mess them around or try cheat them)

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The above is an AD not a review!

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but truly you need to learn web standards, but for a beginner its alright!

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Thanx Busy ! I will make my site more user friendly. Thanx for the suggestion. One thing i couldn't understand ....the signatures at the bottom appear in one post and disappear in the next. Why is it so ?

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In my opinion, your content is too blend and seems hard to read, also not suit for 800 x 600 screen size too. (I'm using 1024 x 768 but I tested in 800 x 600) your arrange is good but please consider to change background color of contents.


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Your site seems to be doing well in the search engines. I would spice up the site a bit but dont change to much as you have some nice listings!

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Don't do sub-domains..

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it's fine. layout is ok, colours could be better

everything is there as you would expect, images with the reviews and links to the sites for that review


it does look, at first glance, like an ad site, you know those that as they load up you think "urgh, everything I click will be ads, not reviews - click back quick"

I don't mean to be rude, just honest

It would be an almost full re-design, but it needs to look and 'feel' like a review site. nice and friendly like you are providing reviews, comments and information for people to on first glance think"this look informative, I will read/browse a few of these"

currently it is simply a long scrolling list of site names, an image, a load of text and a link to the site
there is no imagination in the design, just a big long 'boring' (sorry, cruel to be kind) list of sites all same colours, same link in the same place and image in the same place

Maybe not have all the review text on that one page
the homepage should perhaps be a list of all the product you are reviewing, with perhaps 2 to 3 lines of review to show the reviews are professional, informative etc
but that way the user can see 4-5 products at one time on the screen, rather than having to scroll down and down to see whats available

and also you can write more about each product. give more information and maybe review one against the other?

don't get me wrong, I am not saying the site isn't good, just it 'appears' to be one of those sites that you know as soon as you click something you get taken to a flashing ad page with rubbish and content with nothing to do whatsoever about what you wanted to find

look at some design sites, zen garden etc and get some ideas to make you reviews stand out to attract people to click them

like I said, the site is ok, and remember this is just my opinion, but I say go view some design ideas from other sites, not steal of course, but give your site some design of some kind, rather than just a long list of reviews

whatever you decide, I wish you well!

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I think design wise it could be a bit better, as in the banner is quite basic, but the site serves it's purpose really well. It moves down onto the reviews which I think are organised and seperated nicely. So its really easy to read the reviews you've posted, which is great!

I think the bottom of the website could be slightly tidier though, where all the links are.

Apart from that, I think it serves its purpose really well. Bravo!

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