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I have just created forum for advertising. Here you can post your advertise even refferal links absolutely free, no posting requirements or anything.

Site link: Free Advertsing Forum

Please, review site and give me tips to make it more better. It's currently on subdomain once become enough popular. I will put it on top level domain.

I am learner keen to learn more...
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The whole head is way to big and that rolling colour on the link, it hurts my eyes after looking at it for a while.

The site comes across cheap, very through images, graphics and even less saying what its about.
I also don't like the fact the tables widths have different sizes, fair enough it sometime that's avoidable but try keeping it to 2 sizes it will make things easier. I use either 100% or 72% width in all my sites.
these comments are personnel prefs,

design 5/10, awful colour
layout 5/10, inconsistent table widths and huge header/footer
idea 1/10 so many of them out there already.

good luck bud

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I am not really liking the colors but it seems like a cool idea for a topic. But you should get a main page.

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Well, I dont think that the color scheme is all that bad, but the crazy colored link drives me bonkers, and overall i have no real idea what the site is about.

Though i do like the premise, I dont think it is too original, because there are several hundred similar sites. Though of course i am interested to see how it plays

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Make google background color to be same as the cell color. You may want to improve your logo as well.

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I think it's ok for a free advertising portal, but yes I agree with james2002 Google should match the cell. Google provides ads with no borders that only appears the ad letters.

Otherwise the Website looks great.

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